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The Ryan Anderson Manitoba Tour 09!!!
Hey all you beautiful people!!!

So I got the word today that the time off is official!!!  I'm coming home!!

I'm so hyped about it already that I can't wait!!  I haven't touched Manitoba soil for over a year and it's killing me!

So here's a quick rundown of the trip that I've got planned so far (plan around it accordingly)

August 27th - Fly off to Winnipeg, hang out in airplane and airport for awhile, land in Winnipeg.  Look around and act stunned.

August 28th - Kidnap Trinity from ex's place, find place to hide while police search.

August 29th - KEGGER!!  Finish evening off with hookers and blow

August 30th to Sept. 3rd - Hang out in city causing all sorts of chaos and shenanigans.  Drinking may be involved...

Sept. 4th - Head on back up north to the Pas!  Labour day Classic time baby!!

Sept 6th - FOOTBALL at my dad's place!  All are welcome!  Party time!!

Sept. 7th to 10th - Hang out at my moms place for a visit! 

Sept. 11th - Party time in the Pas!  One night only till I head back to AB!!

Sept. 12th - Back to the peg with the father!

Sept. 13th - BANJO BOWL!!

Sept. 14th - Back to the Mac!!

So yeah, that is what is tenatively scheduled for the trip!  That is all!


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(Deleted comment)
I can't wait to get back to the city I love!!

I'm gonna be so nervous though, it's been a year. Don't wanna make a fool of myself.

Are the dates a coincidence or... are you going to Mel's wedding? :|

Actually I believe her wedding is earlier this month.

I will not be attending

Sorry to bring that up. :/

I just noticed on FB that the guy with the weird-shaped head that she's marrying is on your friend's list and my mind jumped ahead a few steps.

Yeah I'm pretty much gonna avoid seeing her. I do wanna kidnap my cats or at least see em before they go off to the east coast. But ah well!

We should get together for a coffee or something. I'm thinking Karaoke maybe!! Must plan accordingly...

Okay, I was wrong in my assumption of the date. I will actually be in the city for her wedding!

Quick!! I need to assemble the hottest assortment of women in the city!! Then by golly I crash the party and sing "Friends in Low Places"!!

Then I kidnap my cat...

Yeah, I knew that but didn't want to say anything..

I'm sure you'll have a great time when you're here.

Damn. I'm going to miss you out west. I will be getting into Edmonton sometime on the 27th. Should be back in The Pas on the 4th for one day then off to Regina. I'll let ya know on the banjo bowl though.


Well getting a third ticket might be troublesome, my dad's got a hookup for two of em in the Peg.

either way I'll give ya a shout tonight dude!

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