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You think you know something...
So I had the most remarkable conversation tonight with an old friend tonight.

Now this friend of mine, her and I had a fling a couple years ago.  It was during the time when Mel and I took a break from each other.  This girl and I met up at Ai-Kon and started talking.  We talked online for awhile and hooked up and kinda went out for a month or so before Mel and I patched it up.  I always felt bad for that in a way.  I just wanted to keep it friendly.  We were just having fun is how I thought of it.  Unfortunately she did develop feelings for me, and in a way I did to.  

So her and I stayed in touch.  We talked here and there.  Kept in touch.  She's engaged now, with a kid.  Things are going well for her in Winnipeg. 

Anyways, we were just talking tonight.  And we started chatting about the past and our history.  I apologize to her, I always did feel bad about what happened between us.  About what I did to her.  She then tells me that meeting me was a turning point in her life.  Before me, she ran with a bad crowd.  She was involved in drugs and alcohol.  A bad past...then she met me.  First night we met at Ai-Kon, we were chatting.  She had to take off and ended up running into some creepy guy on the way to the bus.  It really freaked her out.  Next day she found me at the con and was still kinda freaked.  So I walked her to her stop that day.  I thought nothing of it really.  Just being a nice guy.  Apparently it was more than that to her.

She called up one of her "friends", explained to him that she was freaked...and he didn't do anything.  So she told me and I went with her.  In that single act of kindness, she took a look at her life.  She got out of the drugs, got away from that group and turned around her life.  All for me...she told me she wanted to be a better person for me.    Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

"T" - it just didn't effect me like it did other people after i met you i just made up my mind that i was finished with that shit and i would never touch it again and i didn't. i quit cold turkey and never went through withdraw or nothing

"Me" - excellent! Good to hear!
"T" - all the thanks goes to you
"Me" - awww, No girl, I was just around, it's all you there. Your strength and will got you thru

"T" -but if u hadn't been there i had no reason to want to change you gave me that reason

So yeah...I never realized I had such an impact on her.  I never knew I did.  I always thought she was this girl that I hurt, not this girl that I helped.  It just made me feel helped someone.  Maybe I'm special...

Anyways, take care!

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I love those kinds of stories. You DO have a positive influence on the people around you. And you're a gentleman. A win win. ;)

This kind of balances with the karma of when you beat that homeless man to death.

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