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Rejection: In which our hero learns a valuable lesson...or does he?
Hello ladies and gentlemen.  It's been awhile.  I've sorta been outta commision recently.  What with no computer (my ipod was my savior!)  So let me update ya on where I stand in my life right now.

I stand alone.

Things kinda ended with the girl I was "seeing".  Things were way to complicated and I'll honestly say, I did some things that I'm not to proud of.  Do I feel bad about what happend, yes.  Do I regret, not at all.  Would I do it again...that's another story.

I know this sounds kinda cryptic.  I would offer more details, but for some reason I don't feel like boring you with a woe is me tale!  Besides day by day I'm getting better and better.  And who knows, maybe the Ryan of old will emerge yet again to rain down upon this world.  

So what's new?  Work is kinda interesting.  I find myself in a constant battle with my supervisor.  I think she hates me because I can do things in that warehouse alot better than her.  She hates my ideas even though they make sense, hates it when I call her out on things that I KNOW are right, and constantly is pestering me in my area.  Just leave me to my little corner of the place to do my work in peace dammit!!  That's all I want!!  AUGH!

And yes, I did get a new compy...and she is one sexy bitch!!  I need a good name for her though.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I wish I had more to write about.  I actually do, but I'm not feeling to creative at the moment.  To sleepy and whatnot.  Maybe I'll try a longer post next time.  Cheers mofo's!!

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Hey, did you hear about Ryan going on that rampage with roofies? No one can prove anything, but everyone knows...

Damn both of you for your skills of deduction...isn't there a haunted amusment park that can use your expertise??

I've been forcibly removed from amusement parks for making children cry. :(

Hee hee! It's just so easy to bug you. <3

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