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1. Leave me a comment and I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.

2. Update your journal with the answers to the questions.

3. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

questions from gargoule 

1. Who would play you in a movie of your life?
The kid from Harry Potter...except without the British accent.  Oh he can keep it.  British accents kick ass!!

2. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?
Came so close to ordering the Sham-WOW!! 

3. Have you been escourted out of a bar? If so, why?
Yes, and thanks to Bucky's friend Carmen...that guy was drunk enough for all of us!

4. When was the last time you got in a fight?
Physical fight...never.  Screaming fight...half a year or so

5. Where's the best place you've been this year?
Comox!  It's so beautiful there!  I wanna move back!

The Ryan Anderson Manitoba Tour 09!!!
Hey all you beautiful people!!!

So I got the word today that the time off is official!!!  I'm coming home!!

I'm so hyped about it already that I can't wait!!  I haven't touched Manitoba soil for over a year and it's killing me!

So here's a quick rundown of the trip that I've got planned so far (plan around it accordingly)

August 27th - Fly off to Winnipeg, hang out in airplane and airport for awhile, land in Winnipeg.  Look around and act stunned.

August 28th - Kidnap Trinity from ex's place, find place to hide while police search.

August 29th - KEGGER!!  Finish evening off with hookers and blow

August 30th to Sept. 3rd - Hang out in city causing all sorts of chaos and shenanigans.  Drinking may be involved...

Sept. 4th - Head on back up north to the Pas!  Labour day Classic time baby!!

Sept 6th - FOOTBALL at my dad's place!  All are welcome!  Party time!!

Sept. 7th to 10th - Hang out at my moms place for a visit! 

Sept. 11th - Party time in the Pas!  One night only till I head back to AB!!

Sept. 12th - Back to the peg with the father!

Sept. 13th - BANJO BOWL!!

Sept. 14th - Back to the Mac!!

So yeah, that is what is tenatively scheduled for the trip!  That is all!


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some feedback because I have a dream!!

I want to open a comic store in the west end in Winnipeg. Seriously...

Now I know there is the "big boy" close to polo park. Comics America. And of course the one by Assiniboine Park (right by Sergent Sundae). I'm talking about opening one up right in St. James. Close to unicity. Something to service the comic nerds and geeks on the far end of the city that don't wanna travel 40 minutes to buy the newest issue of Spider-Man.

Pretty much I've just been thinking long and hard about my future. What I want to do, where I want to be and so on. And talking to my roomie Holly (I love that girl) She said "You should open a comic store!".

I'm just honestly looking for some feedback here. I'm not only talking comics. Collectibles, rare movies (VHS or DVD), certain clothing lines. Stuff like that. A store that I could walk into and wanna buy stuff pretty much.

Keep in mind, this is just an idea. Well more than an idea actually, it's kind of a dream. It's either that or become a director in porn or other film mediums.

So yeah, hit me back! Do you think the 'Peg needs another comic store? Should I not think about this at all and just focus on my "career" at EECOL.

Quite honestly, that scares me....

Looking For A Place To Happen
So it's officially been a year since I've come to this little slice of paradise known as Fort McMurray.  Just a few thoughts and revelations that I've learned this past year.

1) If you own a fast, expensive car.  The regular rules of the road do NOT apply to you.  You are allowed to drive as fast an as crazy as you wish!  (Note to self: Buy fast, expensive car)

2) Price gouging is eminent.  Do not try to haggle, and do not bother searching around for any cheaper prices.  You will not find them.  Walmart will become your best friend.

3)  Line ups are also eminent.  If you are shopping, plan ahead and add another 20 minutes for the wait.  This applies at Walmart, Canadian Tire and 7-11.

4)  Crack heads are abundant, do not carry loose change.  They can hear the sound from over a mile away and will converge.

5)  Guys, do not trust an attractive woman who approaches you in a bar.  They are after one thing and one thing only....think about it.

6)  Girls, do not trust attractive guys who approach you in a bar.  They are also after one thing and one thing only...realize that they've been with alot of number 5's though.

7)  Spruce beetles are evil and they will attack you.  Be vigilant and do not back down.  That will only encourage them.

8)  Newfies are abundant in Fort Mac.  You will have to learn new what part of the island they are from in order to properly communicate with them.  Trust me, they all have their own way of talking.

9)  Bomber fans are not welcomed at Longshots.  I'll just leave it at that.

10)  And last but not least, do not get attached to people.  They are just gonna leave anyways. 

So that's my 10 ways to survive around here.  Now for a little personal update.

You know what sucks, hanging out with someone who you have so much in common.  You guys talk all the time on the phone for at least an hour.  You txt each other thru out the day.  Hang out and have a good time.  Things go good and they would go better IF they were not so hung up on another guy.  That's the situation I'm in with the girl known as S.  We have a blast, we talk about everything.  And I mean everything!!  No subject is taboo between us.  Hell we even talk about our sex lives (or in my case, my lack of...)  It's awesome!  And I'm pretty sure we would make an awesome couple if she wasn't so in love with another guy.  Like she's got it for this guy bad!!  And of course being her friend, I get to hear all about it.  Augh!!    So yeah, I've put aside my feelings for her and just resigned for being her friend.  This of course will backfire on me and I'll end up just destroyed.  I can see it now...

And things with I said she's too crazy for me.  That and I'm pretty sure she's got no interest in me at all.  Like none.  Damn you lust, be gone from my life!

Then there's the girl from town.  We still talk all the time and it's great.  She's looking forward to me coming back for a visit and always asking when I'm gonna be home.  Hell, she thinks it would be awesome if I moved back!!  I joked and said why doesn't she move to Fort Mac, then realized what I said and told her don't!  It's evil evil sometimes.

I really like K.  I still feel inspired by one else has that effect on me.  Nobody has for a long long time.  And you know what, for her, I would move back.  Seriously...

So yeah, that's my life!!  See ya on the flip side and stay outta trouble peeps!!

More about The Girl Called "S"
Okay, if I'm posting way to much, just tell me to shut the fuck up.  haha

So I talked with "S" again last night.  It started on the subject of her friend dating the possible cousin of a friend of mine here.  And we went on the whole six degrees of separation thingie and tried to connect the dots on how we know people around Fort Mac.  We then got onto the subject of gaming again.  And I told her right off the bat that she does NOT fit the gamer mold.  I told her that when she mentioned she played D&D online, I was expecting the hidden camera's to come out and someone to yell that I've been punk'd!  So yeah, caught me off guard. 

Well she starts talking about D&D again and her guild and all the stuff they do.  She goes on about how she likes to make new characters and go do some power-leveling.

She stops and then asks if I know what that is...

I laughed out loud and said I couldn't believe she asked me! 

Honestly, that ranks in the top 5 questions I never expected to hear from a girl. 

We talked about games that we love!  She mentioned that her fave RPG was Legend of The Dragoon!  She's a FF nut!  And she loves survival horror!!

Marry me now....

Another week, another girl...WTF???
Okay now this has seriously gotta stop!!

I met a girl a couple weeks ago at my boss' place.  She came with a buddy of mine and I pretty much just made polite small talk with her.  Nothing big.

Well last week I run into her at the bar with my buddy again.  We hang out a little bit, chat it up.  Small talk again with a few half drunken high fives!  Good times had by all. 

The Girl Known as SCollapse )

Update on Girl in Fort Mac....
The girl in FM...


That is all...

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I talked to the girl from town again tonight.

We talked about planning for the end of the world.  Or different scenarios that involve getting an isolated cabin and living off the land.

No movement on the "feelings" area. 

Will keep you posted.

Another post about another girl (is that all I think about?? Yes...yes I do)
I wrote a little "article" in the midst of half drunken state on Saturday about a girl I know around here.  I'm just a hopeless romantic I think. 

There's this other girl, one from back home in The Pas.   I talk to her whenever I get the chance and we always end up talking for an hour or more whenever we talk.  We discuss everything.  Current life, dreams, ideas...everything!  And what sets her apart is the fact that every time I talk to her, I feel inspired.  She drives me like no one else ever has.  Talking to her makes me wanna be a better person.  We come up with little plans about life and things we want to do. 

I talk to her and I feel like there is nobody else on this planet here for me, except her.

I've known her for quite awhile.  We use to hang out when I lived back home every so often.  She was always with somebody else at the time though.  It sounds really sad, but I've had a crush on her since the first day I met her.  Even then she drove me to want to be better than I am.  

I talk to her and it's almost enough for me to leave this town and move back home, just to be with her.  She's the kind of person that I want to be with.  I want to be with someone that inspires me!  That challenges me! 

Saturday girl...I think part of that is lust.  She's crazy, beautiful and sexy.  I don't think she's for me though...I don't think she's the kind of girl I'm looking for in my life.  She's almost to crazy for me...not that there is anything wrong with that.  I just...

Something about the girl from home though...I long to be with her.  It's deeper than lust.  I want to share with her all the secrets of my life.  I want to share my dreams, hopes and aspirations that I hold close to my heart with her.  And more importantly, I want to be there for her.

Damn these 2 years are going to seem like forever...and I have one more regret to add to the pile.

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Note to self...

Never write in LJ whilst half drunk at night

That is all.


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